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Reporting a Problem / Requesting a Service / Following-Up on a Request

If you live, work, or are just visiting in Bowling Green, we encourage you to use this form if you would like to report a problem. The form is sent to the City Central Office and they will contact the appropriate City department to handle the problem. To speak to a live person call City Central at (270) 393-3444.  To create a new request or to report a problem please select from the drop down list below. To make your selection easier we have listed some of the most common requests/problems beside each category. Once you submit a request you will receive a tracking number and access code that you can use to come back to this page and check the status of your request.

Animal Control - roaming dog, barking dog, pet liter
Citizen Information - inquiry or information
Code Enforcement Complaint - junk or abandoned vehicle on private property, overgrown property, trash or junk on property, substandard housing
Downtown Parks - inquiry about downtown parks or rental of downtown parks
New Street Light Request
Noise Variance Request
Police - junk or abandoned vehicle on city street
Service Request - drainage cleaning or inspection, street maintnenace or paving, pothole, sinkhole or cave-in, traffic control sign installation or replacement, visibility obstruction, graffiti
Special Event/Parade Permit Application

Make a new request
Review the status of an existing request