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Reporting a Problem / Requesting a Service / Following-Up on a Request

If you live, work, or are just visiting in Bowling Green, we encourage you to use this form if you would like to request information or report a problem. The form is sent to the Neighborhoods Services Office and they will contact the appropriate City department to handle the problem. To speak with someone directly call Neighborhood Services at (270) 393-3444 Monday through Friday 7:30am - 4:30 pm.  To start a request please select from the drop down list below. To make your selection easier we have listed some of the most common requests/problems beside each category. Once you submit a request you will receive a tracking number and access code that you can use to come back to this page and check the status of your request. Requests will be handled Monday through Friday 7:30am to 4:30pm when City Officers are open. For urgent roadway hazards, ANIMAL CONTROL, and/or POLICE request that require immediate assistance that are Non-Emergency call 270-393-4000 or 911 if an Emergency. If this is a non emergency and you want to file a police report online use this link: Citizen Online Police Report

Animal Control - If this requires immediate attention call 270-393-4000. Not occurring right now: roaming dog, barking dog, pet litter
Citizen Information - Inquiry or Information
Code Enforcement Complaint - Junk or abandoned vehicle on private property, overgrown property, trash or junk on property, substandard housing
Fire Safety Issue - blocked exit, emergency lighting
New Street Light Request - If you would like a new street light placed on your city maintained street
Noise Variance Request - Request an application be sent to you. Applications must be submitted 30 days prior
Service Request - Drainage cleaning or inspection, street maintnenace or paving, pothole, sinkhole or cave-in, traffic control sign installation or replacement, visibility obstruction, graffiti
Special Event/Parade Permit Application - Request an application be sent to you. Applications must be submitted 45 days prior

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