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Contractor Account Activation

Please enter the information that you provided the Bowling Green/Warren County Contractor's Licensing Board to create a new account. Start to type in your business name and you will get a selection list of valid businesses. Please do not include any spaces or dashes in the federal tax id field (this could also be your social security number if that is what you used to register your business with the licensing board). Select your license type and enter your contractor's license number. You cannot create an account until you check the checkbox verifying you are an authorized agent of the selected business. At the moment only one account can be created per business so please share this account with anyone at your business that would like to access permit information. We hope to offer multiple accounts in the near future. If you have problems creating an account please contact Donnita Weeks at 270-393-3709. Once you see the message "Account created successfully" you can go to the following web address and to login:
Company Identity Verification

Please answer the following questions to help us verify you are an authorized agent.

* Business Name
* Federal Tax ID
* License Type License Number

Contractor Account Profile

Please fill in the following information to create your account.

* Desired Username 7-100 letters and numbers only
* Desired Password
* Confirm Password
* Email Address Used for official communications only.